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October 22, 2018

Road Test Sponsor


Road Test Sponsor is a service providing basically a school car and an instructor to take student "you" to do a road test. Should you need help with your Road Test to get your Driver's License?. This service is absolutely hundred percent right for you. The service gives you an opportunity to work with our experienced professional driving instructor for objectively success with your Road Test. The Road Test Sponsor includes:

1-Book and rebook road test schedule appointment, which you are supposed to do get your road test schedule appointment (Administration Work).

2-Get a ride to and from a road test place, where you are supposed to be there doing your test (Riding Service).

3-Refresh your driving skills, that you are supposed to demonstrate to the examiner to pass your road test (Driving skill Refreshing).

4-Have a school instructor, who is professionally experienced to help you with your road test (Sponsor).

5-Use a school car, which is professionally equipped to meet your road test requirement (Vehicle Being Used).

The described conveniences, an Administration Work, a Riding Service, a Driving Skills Refreshing, a Sponsor, and a School Car, are all yours. Riding Service is a pick-up and drop-off service.  Administration Work is booking and/or rebooking a road test.  Driving Skills Refreshing is a review and refreshing your driving skills particularly the ones that you are supposed to do to pass the test. Sponsor is a school instructor who will assists you through the whole process. School car is a car which will be used to bring you through the whole process.  This program is set particularly for you who legally may do road test with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. For your convenience, the school suggests that you would rather request the service as early as possible. The request for a road test sponsor is accepted either you already booked a road test or the school will book a road test when there is no conflicting with the schedule availability.

By contacting us in advance; a school car with a sponsor are always reserved for your Road Test. 



 Now ONLINE ENROLLMENT or CALL  US TODAY at  978-459-7467 / 1-877-558-SIMS / 978-420-8551.
The Schedules can be conflicting if it is late.
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