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Alternative/Saturday Road Test Sponsor is a service to provide basically a being used school car, an assigned school instructor, and an invited RMV road test examiner to conduct a road test on Alternative/Saturday or RMV approved (Off-Hour) road test schedule. When an enrollment takes place, the Alternative/Saturday Road Test Sponsor provides quite a few services such as; book a road test appointment (Administrative Work), have an assigned school instructor being a sponsor (Sponsor), have an assigned school car being used (Vehicle Being Used), and an invited RMV examiner for a road test.
The described services are; an Administrative Work, a Road Test Sponsor,  a Vehicle Being Used, and an invited RMV examiner to fit a convenience. This Alternative/Saturday Road Test Sponsor is a service for all kind of people whoever is legally allowed to do a road test with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.
1- Administrative Work:

Administrative Work is a work to book a road test appointment. The school will be an inter-mediator to the tasks between the student and the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to book a road test appointment. It is obliged that the RMV's procedure for the Alternative/Saturday Road Test must be accepted from all parties; the students and the school. It must be understood that to fulfill requirement of the Alternative/Saturday Road Test to get a schedule appointment a roster of a minimum 20 students must be feasible before requesting. To co-ordinate the work smoothly an applicant must have a commitment and patience to the service that will be mostly moved from one week to another week before scheduled slot will be approved by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  However, the school will submit and resubmit, repeatedly if needed, to request a schedule till getting an approval given from the RMV road test supervisor. Normally, the approved schedule appointment will be informed and confirmed to all parties; students, sponsor, and examiner one week ahead of time.

4- Road Test Sponsor:
A school instructor, who will be assigned to assists the student, is a sponsor. The sponsor will be ready for student at the address;
SIM'S Driving School, 60 Middlesex St. Lowell, MA o1052. The sponsor with his assistant will assist students even to prepare an application form as well as sponsoring the road test through the whole process of the sponsorship.
5- Vehicle Being Used:
The school car, which will be assigned to an assigned instructor to use for student's road test, is the vehicle being used. The assigned car will be used through the whole process of the road test sponsorship.
4- Road Test Examiner:

As the RMV procedure in place, RMV road test examiner will be available to the school as the approved date and time given.

To sign up for the service a student must fulfill quite a few criteria. The student must be in a certain age group, a valid Learner's Permit and a certain level of readiness.
For student
under age 18
must have completed a driver education program; Has a Driver Education Certificate, Has held the Learner's Permit for six (6) months, and Has a Parent Consent.
- Learner's Permit:
To be legible to enroll for the service, a student has to have a valid Learners Permit. The student must be aware of his/her Learners permit expiration date and the number of road test(s) has been made during a year. Six road tests are allowed to do within one year.
Student has to understand that he/she wants not only to do a road test but to pass the road test as well. Readiness and preparedness make student success.
4. Booked Engagement:
Student has to cancel his/her test from any booking before signing up to the Alternative/Saturday Road Test. If a road test is booked somewhere else, the Alternative/Saturday Road Test schedule won't be able to process.

The account total of the Alternative/Saturday Road Test is ninety nine ($99.99) dollars and ninety nine cents. The seventy nine ($79.99) dollars and ninety nine cents go to SIM'S Driving School and twenty ($20) dollars to RMV as a convenient road test fee.  Any charge or fee, besides the description, made by the Registry of Motor Vehicles is a sole responsibility of the student.  
-Fee Schedule:
Sponsorship Fee Fee paid to SIM'S Driving School for the Road Test Sponsorship $79.99
Convenient Road Test Fee Fee pre-paid to DOT/RMV for Convenient Road Test Fee $20.00
TOTAL FEE $99.99


The ninety nine ($99.99) dollars and ninety nine cents must be rendered when signing up. As an alternative/Saturday road test roster needs to be emailed out two weeks ahead of the the requested date, the fee needs to be made at least three weeks in advance.


Refund is not allowed. Student has to have a commitment when signing up because it is an unavoidable risk by moving from one week to another. The school will work until getting an approval schedule.  If the student quits from the process or does not show up on the test , the seventy nine ($79.99) dollars and ninety nine cents for sponsorship fee, and the twenty ($20) dollars convenient road test fee, will never be refundable.


It is first come first serve basis. Any students whose accounts are completed before Monday two weeks ahead of the requested schedule date will be in preparing list to email out to RMV. As requirement, a minimum of twenty (20) student roster must be available, and that 20-student roster must be emailed two weeks ahead of the requested schedule date. The school normally emails the first 20-student roster of to the RMV and the student whose account is not completed before Monday, two weeks ahead of the requested schedule date, will be moved to the next available roster for next requested schedule date automatically.
1- Approved Schedule:

An approval decision is always rested under the authority of the RMV.  To book a Alternative/Saturday Road Test, the school emails to request and submit the available roster to RMV on Monday two weeks before the requested schedule date.
There must be no any schedule appointment is booked or if it is booked it must be cancelled before booking this Alternative/Saturday Road Test can be booking. Normally, RMV representative will reply to our requested email within a couple days after emailing.
 The definite schedule will informed to all parties; the students and the instructors during the week of execution.
- Reschedule:
Reschedule Alternative /Saturday Road Test is most likely impossible when the roster is emailed out. Re-submit a request for another schedule date from one Saturday to other Saturday is common.
3- Cancellation
Cancellation Alternative/Saturday Road Test will never be possible when the roster is emailed. The student must show up for the test or the payment will be automatically consumed.


The school reserves its rights to practice and bring into practice the school business standard and professional driving school operation requirement. The Alternative/Saturday Road Test Booking Policy of the Registry of Motor Vehicles dated November 5, 2012. The school reserves its rights not to accept student who, seen, is not ready for the road test.  The policy may change at any time without notice so one enrollment can not be exactly the same as the other.


Any charge or fee made by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is a student own expense and responsibility. They are; fifteen ($15) dollars certificate fee, thirty five ($35) dollars road test fee, twenty ($20) dollars convenient road test fee, and fifty ($50) dollars driver license issue fee.

School Officials Signature Date
Principal Administrator Boreth Sim  03/30/09
Chief Instructor Thara Ros   03/30/09
Sales/ Account Representative Pisithnorak Sim  03/30/09
Administrator Samoeurn Seng   03/30/09
(See the actual signature in the original file)

Lawyer/Notary Publics Signature Date
(See the actual signature in the original file) 
Enforcement is the effectiveness of the policy.

Read the D.O.T./ R.M.V. policy

Mass. DOT/RMV Regulation and Procedure

PO Box 55889 � Boston MA � 02205 Tel: 857-368-8000 � TDD: 877-768-8833 Leading the Nation in Transportation Excellence

Alternative/Off Hours Road Test Booking Policy

Effective November 5, 2012


Alternative /Off Hours road test bookings are available to the Professional Driving School industry, and are scheduled based on the availability of RMV personnel. Alternative /Off Hours road tests are offered outside of the regular business hours of the RMV. The policies for these road tests are applied uniformly to all participating schools. The policy of the Registry is that an Alternative /Off Hours road test is equivalent to any Registry road test in its evaluation of the driving skills of the applicant. Request for Alternative /Off Hours Road Test schedule will be made available to a Professional Driving School based on the date and time that the RMV receives the request for Alternative /Off Hours Road Test in a manner and format required by the RMV. Professional Driving Schools scheduling Alternative /Off Hours Road Test are subject to all RMV Rules and Regulations and RMV Policy and Procedures concerning vehicles and sponsors utilized for the purpose of sponsoring an applicant. Instructor credentials and vehicle(s) will be validated at each Alternative /Off Hours Road Test booking. Failure to have a valid Professional Driving Instructor certificate and a Professional Driving School vehicle that meets the RMV Safety and Emission Regulatory requirements will result in testing being denied and any fees collected will be forfeited. Driving schools are forbidden to conduct financial transactions at a test site or in the testing vehicle. All testing will be cancelled if financial transactions are witnessed by Registry personnel and fees will be forfeited. This is for the safety and integrity of all parties involved. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Booking Procedures

Effective November 5, 2012 requests for Alternative /Off Hours Road Test will be accepted every Monday for the next available Alternative /Off Hours Road Test schedule. This will be for the weekend after the upcoming weekend. Requests will be scheduled based on the time they are received in the RMV Road Test account. Requests will not be accepted if they are submitted earlier than 12:01 am on Monday morning.
PO Box 55889 � Boston MA � 02205 Tel: 857-368-8000 � TDD: 877-768-8833 Leading the Nation in Transportation Excellence All requests must to be submitted to the RMV via email at The subject line of the email should contain the name of the Driving School. The Alternative /Off Hours Road Test Request Form will be in an Excel spreadsheet. Schools will be provided the required form for submittal. Requests that are not submitted via email in the required format will not be accepted. The RMV will not open the schedule for more than thirty days (30) days from the date requests are accepted. In the event of a holiday celebrated on Monday, the booking requests and payments will be made on Tuesday.

Applicant Requirements

Professional Driving Schools will be required to have a minimum of twenty (20) applicants in order to schedule Alternative /Off Hours Road Test.

All applicants included in the request for Alternative /Off Hours Road Test must have their Driver Education Certificate issued prior to being scheduled for an Alternative /Off Hours Road Test. Any applicant submitted for an Alternative /Off Hours Road Test that does not have a Driver Education Certificate will be rejected. If the rejection of an applicant results in the request including less than twenty (20) applicants the complete list for road test will be returned. After a list is submitted, no additions will be permitted. Cancelations must be received by the close of business on the Friday 8 days prior to the scheduled test date.

Certificate requests are to be submitted on the Driver Education Certification Request Form (Form #T21060-0412) and is available on the web at:

Requests are to be mailed to:

Registry of Motor Vehicles

Driver Education Certificate Department

P.O. Box 55889 � Boston, MA 02205-5889

Professional Driving Schools that can not meet the minimum requirement of twenty (20) applicants may coordinate with other driving schools to achieve the minimum applicant requirement

If the RMV determines that geographic need for a roster and sufficient staffing is available, the RMV may make available a roster at an RMV location for those schools that can not meet the twenty applicant minimum. PO Box 55889 � Boston MA � 02205 Tel: 857-368-8000 � TDD: 877-768-8833 Leading the Nation in Transportation Excellence


A twenty dollar ($20.00) Alternative/Off Hours Road Test fee will be charged per applicant booked for a test. The fee will be collected on the Monday after request for Alternative/Off Hours Road Test are submitted. If the RMV is unable to collect the required fee from the Professional Driving School on that Monday by 4:00 pm, the request and roster will be rejected. The Professional Driving School is responsible for contacting the Road Test Booking Department to make payment. Road test appointments not paid by 4:00 pm on Monday will be cancelled.

Conducting of Alternative/Off Hours Road Test

Schools will be contacted by close-of-business on the Wednesday after booking the Alternative/Off Hours Road Test by the Road Test Booking Department to confirm acceptance of the roster and to schedule a start time and confirm a location for the exams.

Professional Driving School will be required to have one (1) vehicle for every thirty (30) students that are scheduled for Alternative /Off Hours Road Test. There is a maximum of sixty (60) students that can be booked per date.

Based on available examiners and in conjunction with school rosters, schools will either be scheduled for a morning time slot or an afternoon time slot. Slots are determined on an individual basis and up to the discretion of the road test supervisor.

Exams may be held at the auto school location; however, based on the road test supervisors� discretion, exams may be required to report an RMV branch location.

Applicants may not appear in the order in which they are scheduled on the master list.

Upon completion of the Saturday roster, the RMV examiner will retain the road test applications.

Licensing Procedures for Applicants of Alternative/Off Hours Road Test

Applicants that are schedule Alternative/Off Hours Road Test should contact the RMV to pre-pay all required license and road test fees.

When the applicant passes the RMV Examiner will validate the back of the applicants permit. An applicant should not operate a vehicle with the validated permit as a license until they receive the official driver�s license in the mail.

PO Box 55889 � Boston MA � 02205 Tel: 857-368-8000 � TDD: 877-768-8833 Leading the Nation in Transportation Excellence


SIM'S Driving School is a Licensed Professional Driving School. We are insured by the COMMERCE INSURANCE COMPANY for the vehicles, THE HARTFORD for liability and the NGM Insurance Company for the Surety Bond. Copyright @ SIM'S Driving School. All rights reserved.