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October 22, 2018



            Hourly Driving Lesson and Evaluation is a service to provide basically a driving lesson or evaluation hourly basis. The hourly driving lesson gives an opportunity to student to get help or to be instructed by the professional driving school instructor. When an enrollment is made, the driving lesson or evaluation provides the services such as; instructor, vehicle being used, riding service and instruction or evaluation.

The quite a few of the described conveniences are; Instructor, Vehicle Being Used, Riding Service and Instruction or Evaluation. The service is for all kind of people whoever is legally allowed to drive in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The driving lesson is accepted and started as early as request when it is not conflicting with the schedule availability.

1- Instructor:

A school staff, who will be assigned to give instruction, is an instructor. The instructor will pick student up at residential address. The instructor will teach the student even to start the engine, how to use hands and feet if needed. The instruction will be given base on the choice of a student made; Progressive, Selective or Evaluative Choice.

2- Vehicle Being Used:

The school car, which will be assigned to an instructor to use to bring student for driving lesson, is the vehicle being used. The assigned car will be used for the instruction or evaluation.


 3- Riding Service:

Riding Service is a pick-up and a drop-off service.  An hourly driving student will be picked up at the residential address. The student is also dropped off at a residential or preferred place in town of our business location after the lesson. The student is supposed to be ready to be pickup at scheduled time at the expected place. When the pick-up location will be differed from the residential address, the student has to inform the school or the assigned instructor a head of time.

4- Driving Instruction/Evaluation:

The instruction will be given base on the choice of a student has made; Progressive, Selective or Evaluative Choice. However; if the skills are not met the request, the instruction shifts automatically to the safety requirements.

1st Choice-Progressive: The Progressive Choice, the service provides the lesson from Start and Stop Vehicle, Pre-Driving, Pull-Out and Go to the traffic, Pull over and Park, Left Turn, Right Turn conditioning, Back-Up, 3-Point Turn, Park on Hill, Parallel Park and then move up to the sophisticated Driving Skills.

 2nd Choice-Selective: The Selective Choice, the service provides the lesson straight to the selected driving skills as request. Any of the particular driving skill such as Backing-up, Parallel Park, and/or Hill-Start or any other skills which student does not feel confidence enough to drive safely and pass a Road Test and.

 3rd Choice- Evaluative: The Evaluative Choice, the service provides the chance to student to demonstrate the current driving skills so the skills can be evaluated; Confirmed, Corrected, and Trained to qualify to pass a road test.


Except a Drivers Education or part of Drivers Education, the hourly student must be age eighteen (18) and above. To enroll to the service, the student must meet the requirements; be at least age 18 years. Has a valid Learners Permit, be ready to be trained, be able to communicate with instructor. American English is the school language use.  

1- Age:

To be legible to enroll for the service, a student must be at least age 18 years old. Under age 18 student must have parent signed him/her up for a complete Driver's Education Program.

2- Learners Permit:

To be legible to do the driving lesson the student must obtain a valid Learners Permit.

3- Readiness:

  Student has to understand that he/she wants to learn driving on the road experience with expected and unexpected challenges and happenings. Readiness and preparedness make student success for not only learning better but safe and also saving money.

4- Languages:

American English is our school official language use. Enroller, who speaks the languages of the existing instructors of the school, is usually accepted. Third party language interpreter for the lesson may not allow due to the vehicle insurance coverage policy.          



Payment is expected when the service is rendered. The fee for hourly road driving lesson is ranged from forty five($45) to fifty five ($55) dollars, base on the means of the payment and the reason of the session.


Payment is expected when the service is rendered. The total fee for an hour or hours either one hour or two hours on a certain schedule must be paid in full before the service commences.

2- Refund:

At the enrollment as an account was paid in full. And if a student fails to receive the service or withdraw prior to the service commences, the refund policy is as the following:

A. If the service is discontinued or the enrollment is not accepted by SIMS, all money paid will be refunded.

B. Upon receiving a written notice of cancellation within five (5) business days prior to the beginning of service, all money paid will be refunded.

C. Refund is not given if a student fails to receive the service due to excessive absences or violates the written policy of the program of the school.  



             If any dispute, a current policy will always be used. A special consideration needs to be made by the management level when it is encountered not in the written policy.



             The school reserves its rights to implement its policy as it is written. The school reserves its rights not to accept student who, seen, is not ready for the lesson. The school reserves its rights to drop off the student with a refund when seeing that student does not cooperate with an instructor. When the refund is given any obligation and liability to the service is null. The policy may change at any time without notice; therefore one enrollment can not be exactly the same as the other.



             For student, who is an Hourly Driving Lesson and Evaluation of SIMS Driving School, will be offered a Referral Reward of fifteen ($15) dollars for referring a full course student to SIMS Driving School.



To avoid charging cancellation must be informed ahead of time from the actual appointment at least one hour. 



School Officials



Principal Administrator

Boreth Sim


Chief Instructor

Thara Ros


Sale/Account Representative

Pisithnorak Sim



Samoeurn Seng


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Lawyer Notification/Notary Publics






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Enforcement is the effectiveness of the policy.

SIM'S Driving School is a Licensed Professional Driving School. We are insured by the COMMERCE INSURANCE COMPANY for the vehicles, THE HARTFORD for liability and the NGM Insurance Company for the Surety Bond. Copyright @ SIM'S Driving School. All rights reserved.