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            Discount Driver Training Package is a package which gives a process of service guiding student every step of driving to obtain a driver license (from Learners Permit Holder to Driver License Holder) with an opportunity to get a discount "Discount Benefit". Within this package the student will be able to get the lowest price of the service because of the package, in case the student needs more than the provided package coverage. The package has nine on-road-driving  lesson schedules of two hour session and one sponsor of first tried road test.  Out of the nine schedules, there are twelve (12) hours behind-the-wheel driver training, six (6) hours observing other student driver. The program is available even on Saturdays and Sundays as schedule or an express service as request if an enrollment is made far a head of time.


1-On-Road Lesson: Within the package, the On-Road Lesson is provided a process of nine schedules which contents of twelve hours for on-road lesson and six hours observing other student driver. It is sequent and subsequently served until a student is either reaches the limitation of the package or qualified to pass a Road Test. It is started from; Pre-Driving, Start and Stop Vehicles, Drive Straight and Curve, Pull Out and Go, Pull Over and Park,  Right & Left Turn Conditioning, Backing Up, Three Point Turn, Park on Hill, Parallel Park, Back/Start up Hill and expose to the Different Situations and  Traffic Areas . These also include; Driving Terms, Traffic Regulations, Rules of the Road, Defensive Driving, and Special Driving Situations. When the student is qualified he/she will be informed on his/her qualification for a Road Test.

 2-Road Test Sponsor: Within the package, the Road Test Sponsor is provided either a first tried road test or requested subsequent road test including by booking the road test, picking up, refreshing the skills, sponsoring the test, escorting for license issue and dropping back home.  On the Road Test Schedule the student is picked up to refresh his/her driving skills at about half an hour before the actual Road Test appointment. 

3-Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services: For On-Road-Driving Lesson and Road Test;  student should always be ready to be picked-up on the expected time set and the student will be dropped-off at a preferable place in town of the business location; at home, at work, at school, at store. At bus or train station if student lives out of town of the business location. The pick up time will be about an hour before the actual road test appointment if the traffic condition on that particular time and place are normal. 



             The Discount Driver Training Package is prepared to accept students from all age after eighteen.

1-Age: To be legible to enroll for the package, a student must be age eighteen (18) up and legally allowed to drive in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

2- Physical and Mental Aptitude: Student has to understand that physical and mental aptitude fit for driving is a must. Any medical condition that may block the way for success need to be informed to avoid a non-refunded service determination while found unable to perform the tasks at the instruction session.

3- Readiness: Student has to understand that he/she wants to be trained; to do road lesson, to take road test to be a driver, who will do the tasks independently. Readiness and preparedness make success for both getting license and saving money.

4- Languages: Enrollment is most likely accepted for student who speaks the languages of the existing instructors of the school.  American English is our school language use. Language interpreter is not allowed in the In-Car Instruction due to the insurance coverage policy.



            To be legible to enroll for the package, student has to have a valid Learners Permit.  The student must be aware of his/her Learners permit expiration date. School can arrange a special extra express service of any kind but the student is the one who responsible for his/her succession before the expiration of the Learners Permit.



            The account total of the Discount Driver Training Package is six hundred ($600) dollars. Any charge or fee made by the Registry of Motor Vehicles is a sole responsibility of the student (customer).

1-Investment: Investment is expected when services are rendered. The fee of six hundreds ($600) dollars for the package must be invested.  In case of an installment is agreed, student is allowed to do three installments. First installment is two hundred ($200) dollars for first five hour road lesson. Second installment is two hundred ($200) dollars for second five hour road lesson. And third installment is two hundreds ($200) dollars for last two hour road lesson and a first tried road test. To catch up a Discount Benefit the agreed and set installments need to be strictly applied.

1st Investment

5 hours On-Road-Driving Lesson


2nd Investment

5 hours On-Road-Driving Lesson


3rd Investment

2 hours On-Road-Driving Lesson and 1 Road Test


After the installments are made a Discount Benefit is followed with forty five ($45) dollars per hour for subsequent On-Road- Driving Lesson, and seventy nine ($79) dollars for subsequence road test sponsor.

2. Installment Alternative: The last third payment is allowed to pay separately between the hourly road lesson payment and road test payment when student plan to do road lesson more than two hours but the road test will be booked only after the road test payment is made.  

3- Refund: At the enrollment as an account was paid in full. And if a student fails to receive the service or withdraw prior to the service commence, the refund policy is as the following:

A. If the enrollment is not accepted by SIMS, all money paid will be refunded.

B. Upon receiving a written notice of cancellation within five (5) business days prior to the beginning of service, all money paid will be refunded.

C. Refund is not given if a student fails to receive the service due to excessive changes, excessive absences or violate the Written Policy of the package and the school.

 D. In any reason, if the student gets a license before the described limited hour package is used, it is school profit; the margin of the remaining money is not refunded.  



           In general, each schedule consists of two hours session either two hours driving or two hours of one hour driving and one hour observing.  Observing is included to each up to six sessions of the nine schedules. The frequency of the lesson schedule is allowed to do as much as demand of student when school time is available but the student is self responsible for the catch up. Each lesson schedule, student will be instructed by an assigned instructor.  To be effective school recommends student to do two to three schedules within a week. To void conflicting between the student and the school time, schedule road lesson far ahead of time is always encouraged. 

1- Schedule: To schedule road lesson, the fee and the student time availability will be collected and matched with time availability of the instructors of the school.  The possibility and frequency of road lesson is not rely only the student and school time but the student enrollment and the payment as well. Definite schedules will be set, informed and agreed a head of time for the best execution. Any student who misses the definite and agreed schedule must face the consequence of paying extra up to maximum of a session service fee; fifty ($50) dollars Road Test, and ninety nine ($99) dollars for each no-show. Continuation of the sequence and subsequence lesson schedule will be collected and given out base on the student availability of the deposited fund, the requested time with the time availability of the instructors of the school.

2. Reschedule: To void being charged, reschedule is suggested to do not less than eighteen (18) hours before the expected schedule appointment. The possibility and availability for changing to a new schedule is usually not available within the same day.

3- Cancellation: To void being charged extra, cancellation is suggested to do not less than eighteen (18) hours road lesson schedule, and  twenty four (24) hours  road test schedule before the expected schedule appointment.



             Base on the current system of the RMV, road test is given to student by the available slots in the system of the RMV at the road test Telephone Center. It depends on the date, time, and place desire. Normally, it takes one to three week. To be reasonable between the road lesson schedules and road test, student is informed to book the first trial road test when it comes to six or seven schedules. To void conflicting between the student, the school to the RMV slot availability, book road test far ahead of time is always encouraged. Road test will be booked and rebook, when student feels ready to do the road test or retest. The instructor(s) request for road test is always acceptable.  The school will arrange road test schedule to meet the student request, the school available time with the RMV.  No road test schedule demand is allowed to meet only a single party.

1- Schedule: To schedule the road test, student preferred day, time, place and road test sponsorship fee will be collected. Systematically, booking a road test needs to be made in advance by telephoning to RMV road test service center. Normally, it takes ten days or two week to get the schedule after the call. The definite and agreed booked appointment must be kept. Any student who does not show up at the booked road test appointment, must face a consequence of loosing one's deposited road test sponsor fee.

2- Reschedule: To reschedule the road test student should have a good reason such as Family Emergency.  School or work schedule is not a good reason to reschedule.

3- Cancellation: To void being charged extra, cancellation is suggested to do thirty six (36) hours before the expected schedule appointment.


               Discount Benefit is a benefit of getting a lowest unset price of thirty nine ($39) for an hour road lesson and seventy nine ($79) dollars for a road test sponsor. A student, who has gone through the whole package of twelve hour lessons, has a privilege to get an Discount Benefit. The defined Discount Benefit is a thirty nine ($39) dollars per hour road lesson for the thirteen and subsequence road lesson and a seventy nine ($79) dollars for the second and subsequence road test sponsor out of the package.



            When the installment plan is in good condition, the enrollment is working, so student is able; to continue till getting a license, to take a break from practice for recovery, or to quit from the service without a refund.


            The Discount Driver Training Package is available even in summer. The validity of the Discount Driver Training Package is two (2) years since the enrolled date. Any student who could not complete the package within two years must re-enroll, if he/she wants the same package.



            The school reserves its rights to practice and bring into practice the school business standard and professional driving school operation requirement. The school reserves its rights not to accept student who, seen, is not ready for the lessons. The school reserves its right to drop off with a refund of the remaining deposited fund of any student who, seen, is not co-operating with instructor(s) or not speaking the school officially use language. When the refund is given, any obligation and liability to the package is null. The school reserves its rights to keep as a profit for any probable remaining deposit if in any reason the student get his/her driver license. The policy may change at any time without notice, so one enrollment can not be exactly the same as the other.



            Certificate will be offered while requesting but classroom sessions must be completed as the requirement. The fee for classroom education is only thirty three percent (33%) equal one hundred eighty three ($183) dollars out of the complete drivers education program cost ($550).



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Boreth Sim


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Thara Ros


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Pisithnorak Sim



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