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October 22, 2018

FAQ - Written Test

How can I get my Learner's Permit?
You must do and pass a written test at the RMV office.
If you feel confident enough to pass the written test go to RMV and do the test, but if you do not feel confident enough to pass the written test simply sign up with SIM'S Driving School and learn the materials to pass the written test and then do the test.

What do they do in Written Test?
It is a multiple choice question test.  A 25 minutes test with 25 computer-generated questions. A correct 18 answers to pass the test.

What document should I have with me for the Written Test?
There must be three kinds of document:
          1- Social Security Card or Denied Letter from  the SSA.
          2-Two forms of ID ( Proof of date of birth and proof of signature)
          3- Proof of Massachusetts residency

How can SIM'S help me with my Written Test?
SIM'S has a lot of written test materials to learn from. Sign up  for a Driver's Education Program, the instructors will bring you through the process to get your Learner's Permit and then Certificate. 
Read the Sample:
It is illegal for a person under 21 years of age to drive with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) that is...........or more?
                A)- 0.08%-eight hundreds of one percent
                B)- 0.02%-two hundreds of one percent
                C)- 0.05%-five hundreds of one percent
Correct Answer:
                B)-0.02%-two hundreds of one percent

SIM'S will share with you hundreds of such multiple choice question-answers in the class.
Joining a class, you have the flexibility to take the same multiple choice test in the class so you will acquire the knowledge and confidence to increase your chances of passing the RMV test at the first time.

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