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October 22, 2018

Driver's Education Program and Driver's Education Certificate

Driver's  Education Program:

Why do I need to do Driver's Education Program?
Driver's Education Program legally makes you get Driver's Education Certificate, theoretically makes you learn the  rules of the road, technically makes you learn how to drive safely.

Does SIM'S provide Driver's Education Program?
Yes, SIM'S provides Driver's Education Program one in every two weeks.

Driver's Education Certificate:

How can I obtain my  Driver's Education Certificate?
You must sign-up and complete a Driver's Education Program. Then the  RMV will mail your certificate to your mailing address.

How does Driver's Certificate benefit me?
There are two exclusive benefits:
      1-Driver's Certificate is able to make you "teenagers" get your Driver's License before age eighteen.
      2-Driver's Certificate is able to lower your insurance premium.

Massachusetts insurers offer a 10% discount on premiums for the first three years after a teen driver completes a state-approved driver's education course.




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