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July 23, 2018

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If you need to send mail correspondence to the SIM'S Driving School, please use one of the below address:

SIM'S Driving School
Box 207
Lawrence, MA 01842


SIM'S Driving School
60 Middlesex Street
Lowell. MA 01852

Send to this address: If you want to contact:
60 Middlesex St. Lowell, MA 01852 Office
31 Summer St. #2 Lawrence, MA 01840 Boreth Sim
41 Viola St. Lowell, MA 01851 Thara Ros
31 Summer St.#2  Lawrence, MA 01840 Pisithnorak Sim
2 Glidden St. Lowell MA 01581 Samoeurn Seng
15 Queen St. #1. Lowell, MA 01851 Davina S. Suy
31 Summer St. #2 Lawrence, MA 01840 Pisithpulak Sim

SIM'S Driving School is a Licensed Professional Driving School. We are insured by the COMMERCE INSURANCE COMPANY for the vehicles, THE HARTFORD for liability and the NGM Insurance Company for the Surety Bond. Copyright @ SIM'S Driving School. All rights reserved.