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October 22, 2018

Our Pledge

Our school has long been recognized as a driver trainer providing high class quality, compassionate customer. We always focus on our best performance to providing outstanding service to our customers; juniors and parents. We are aware of having a customer who needs a driver license can be a challenging experience. We pledge that we will:
  • Treat you and/or your loved junior with respect.
  • Do everything possible to honor your time.
  • Provide you with practical information you need.
  • Be working with you to access the most appreciate attention and resources possible.
  • Make the investment you put into your Safety Ideal well worth every dollar by our provided services.

 "You are invited to experience the service"


SIM'S Driving School is a Licensed Professional Driving School. We are insured by the COMMERCE INSURANCE COMPANY for the vehicles, THE HARTFORD for liability and the NGM Insurance Company for the Surety Bond. Copyright @ SIM'S Driving School. All rights reserved.